Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Emmy Award show last Sunday night

OK, I watched the Emmy ceremony for the first time in about 10 years last Sunday.

I wasn't rooting for any one show in particular - my favorite shows (The Office, Bones) weren't even nominated for anything.

I tuned it just for curiosity's sake. It was interesting to see so many big-time movie stars win Emmys, such as Michael Douglas, Jeff Daniels, and James Cromwell.  Ellen Burstyn also won an Emmy for a TV movie I've never heard of nor will ever see. Speaking of veteran stars, it was nice to see Bob Newhart and Diahann Carroll make appearances. It's always great when some legends of the medium pop in and give the show some character.

The tributes to the fallen stars were nice too. I liked the personal touch of the speeches that Robin Williams gave for Jonathan Winters and that Rob Reiner gave for Jean Stapleton. I think this was a better idea than to show clips of their career. I wonder if showing clips has gone out of style; I mean, anyone can go on YouTube nowadays and see tribute montages on their own.

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