Friday, February 20, 2015

Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary Special

I'm a little late with this post, but I wanted to share my thoughts about the SNL40 special that aired last Sunday - PS -- The special repeats TONIGHT on NBC starting at 7/8 (CT/ET).

I remember the 15th Anniversary special back in 1989....Chevy Chase doing his "fall" down a huge flight of stairs wearing a football helmet....that was a good show too but the 40th was really impressive.

What I got a kick out of

- the 1-hour "Red Carpet" special that aired before the show. Seems like such a pompous thing, but it was fun watching the stars talk to NBC people (Matt Lauer, Al Roker, etc). Martin Short and some others had some funny things to talk about -- in fact, what some of these comics said on the red carpet were funnier than what they did on the special! It was funny when Jim Carrey asked Matt Lauer where Brian Williams was hiding.

- Everyone liked the Justin Timberlake/JimmyFallon opening song, but I got a kick out of Steve Martin's opening bit where he says, "What better way to celebrate 40 years of live comedy with these pre-recorded clips?!"

- Dan Aykroyd doing the Bass O Matic sketch, even though it seems really corny and outdated, it is still funny.

- Seeing Betty White make out with Bradley Cooper. That was truly a crazy moment and hilarious.

- Jerry Seinfeld doing a Question and Answer session with some big name celebs

- Weekend Update hosted by Tina and Amy and Jane Curtin, and appearances by the land shark and Matt Foley.

- the Wayne's World sketch where Mike Myers and Dana Carvey count down the Top 10 most awesome things about SNL.  They kept telling Kanye West to settle down and stay in his seat, which was funny.

There were some head-scratching moments (Kanye's odd performance) but overall  I got a kick out of the show and seeing the clips.