Friday, January 25, 2013

Press Your Luck and The Whammys

Remember this game show? It only aired a few seasons, but I remember watching it during summer breaks when I didn't have school on weekdays. This was the kind of game show that appealed to kids, but all the contestants were grown adults who would scream out "Big Money!" and "No Whammys!" as they hit the buzzer hoping the glowing lights stop on a large dollar amount. If the lights flashed on a "whammy", then a cartoon character would take all their winnings away. It was really dumb! But fun!


  1. You don't have the followers icon up, but I think I can follow it by pasting the URL into my "add blogs to follow" section.

    Anyhow, I don't ever remember this show being on originally, but back in the 90's, when I would visit my parents, my mom used to watch Game Show Network, and they often aired episodes of Press Your Luck.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks! I just added the gadget to the site.

    The might have showed the updated version of Press Your Luck - I think it was called "The New Press Your Luck" with computer-animated Whammys - it wasn't the same!

  3. Tom, I haven't thought about the "whammy" in years! Thanks for bringing back some memories.

  4. Nice piece, Tom! Welcome to the Blog Association!