Saturday, December 31, 2022

Columbo: A Stich in Crime (first aired Feb 1973)

I am going to try to do more reviews of other shows, including Columbo because I have been watching these episodes lately. 

"A Stich In Crime" is the episode where Leonard Nimoy plays the murderous doctor. He's working on some new revolutionary medicinal solution that went a bit over my head and wasn't fully explained. His partner is another doctor with a heart failure played by Will Geer. Nimoy wants Geer dead to take all the credit for the project.  Nimoy's nurse suspects something and Nimoy kills her before she can expose him.

Nimoy also tries to kill Geer by using "dissolving sutures" in the heart operation he is overseeing. Columbo discovers this after his thorough investigation. I didn't know much about sutures at all until this episode so I felt I definitely learned something from this episode. 

I liked this episode because you think the murderer is going to get away with it up until the last minute. It's not until the last 30 seconds when Columbo busts him. I love that!